Vision of Saigon Paper


Saigon Paper is committed to providing high quality paper products to satisfy the demand of consumers, contributing to the formation of a modern life, civilization, prosperity, high social responsibility, working together with the community to protect the environment. Based on that, SGP and its partners, shareholders and employees can share values, profits, and sustainable development.


Bring the comfort & quality of life to each consumer with high quality paper products, made by advanced technology, skilled and dedicated employees.

This will build up

Vision of Saigon Paper



Professional in business development strategy to create added value in each paper product, ensuring that consumers are using superior quality.

Professional in business – manufacturing activities, through the management system, the interactively coordinative process and the fluent working skills of each employee.

Professional in every behavior with consumers, customers, partners, shareholders & between all employees in the company.


Sharing the Corporate Value to each employee
Sharing the Revenues to partners and shareholders
Sharing a bright future in career development to employees

Benefit Harmony

Create Harmony between
Company Revenues - Society - Environment to develop sustainably.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Saigon Paper commits to contribute to the sustainable economic development by improving the quality of life of our staff, our community and our society.

We concentrate our business on sustainable growth, being friendly-envinronment and taking social responsibilities by 6 key activities:

1. Manufacturing products green, clean, safe for health and friendly-environmental by using modern production lines with innovative technology from Europe

2. Collecting waste paper as recycled materials to protect environment and forest resource as well as creating more jobs in community.

3. Improving our staff’s physical and spiritual life as well as professional abilities. By increasing our people’s awareness of environment protection, we are ready to join community activities for environment.

4. Establish Sai Gon Fund to sponsor talents & students in Paper Major as well as to build up a library of Paper managed by professionals in Vietnam and overseas to spread out knowledge about paper and future technology widely.

5. Co-operating with domestic and oversea organizations such as HCM Recycle Fund,, WWF … to set up and participate in seminars of paper quality, Recycle Paper Festival, Waste Paper Collecting Day to increase people’s awareness about environment protection and human behaviors to our environment, our community and our society; organizing “1 Billion dong Insurance” programe as well as “Light up our dream together” and etc.

6. Organizing social activities such as humanitarian blood donation program, gift and drug giving to poor people, visiting soldiers at Truong Sa island and other relief society’s activities.