Product Lines of Saigon Tissue


Saigon Clean is an eco-friendly paper product that respone all needs for home as well as travel with extreme toughness and absorbency.

Saigon Care is manufactured based on 5Gs standards and processed at high temperature of 4500C by European state-of-the-art production line which helps our tissue not only meet your expectation of its strength and softness but also being safe for sensitive skin and water-soluble.

Manufactured in accordance with the 5Gs standard of Saigon Paper from the best pulp material and does not contain toxic bleach. Saigon Care keeps the natural light white and safe for the health's consumer. Especially, Saigon Care toilet paper is a perfect combination of softness and toughness, no core ...

Saigon Eco, with variety of tissue paper products for multi-purpose usage such as 2 ply toilet paper, 1 ply napkins, is best choice for those who demand products with good quality but extreme cost savings.

Saigon Eco++ is specialized for economy toilet paper category which is compact-packed & has the most affordable price for the best in consumers’ saving.

The Eco++ toilet tissue is made from recycled pulp in a closed production process without non-toxic bleach using so that it always maintain the ...