Green Paper Technology

5Gs Standard

Green ideas -  Green Structure of paper products
- Green Technology - Green Process
- Green Environment

Pulp Stock Preparation System from Europe

Pulp Stock Preparation System with Advanced Paper Recycling Technology from Kadant Lamort (France)

Waste Water Treatment System

Waste Water Biological Treatment Technology from EIMCO (Finland)

green paper technology

SGP’s target is to reach sustainable development and create innovative high quality products - environmentally friendly products through major projects as below:

i) Apply automation technology to save energy and material - natural resources in the project of production expansion at My Xuan 2 (has been operated since the end of 2014).

ii) Strongly invest in the development of advanced sewage disposal system (spent over 20ml USD, equivalent to 1/5 total investment of My Xuan 2 project) in order to reuse up to 90% waste water from the whole production.

iii) Approach the methods to use different kinds of chemicals appropriately and actively search for substitutes in production process to ensure all products in green, high quality, and safety standards for environment as well as community’s health.

On average, the need to produce a ton of paper pulp is

2.2 – 4.4 tons of wood


1 ton of pulp

1.4 tons of waste paper


1 tons of pulp

Thus, each ton of recycled paper will help save:
  • 24 natural forest trees
  • Amount of oxygen for 12 people breath in 1 year
  • 39,084 liters of water enough for 875 bathing times - 5 minutes in each, enough for 3,000 toilet flushing times
  • Nearly 4,000 kWh of electricity, enough for a 3 bedroom house in 1 year
  • 605 liters of crude oil
  • Limiting the amount of CO2 equivalent emissions of one car in 6 weeks (reduced by 95% pollution emissions compared to the production of 1 ton of paper from wood)