Finding talent is to find the appropriate ones, not looking for right or wrong answers. The talents are hard to find and it is difficult to meet the expectations of all leaders. The talent, if shown at a career start is also very "dangerous". However, there are some recognizable characteristics, such as the talents must possess exceptionally flexible mindset, is professionally qualified, have good hearts, work effectively, bring concrete results and values. The most difficult thing for leaders is to detect these factors. The talents are like rough diamonds that are needed to polish, whether they have born qualities or not, without grinding, it will gradually fade away.

Mr. Cao Tien Vi

Saigon Paper Founder

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture at Saigon Paper Company

Saigon Paper is confident on the growth, the devotion, and vision of its team to continue to build a strong and professional company with many good values, to enjoy the fruits of hard works with its partners, customers, and shareholders as the company has aimed for.

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Recruitment Policy

The large-scale and big market challenges require the leader to have more youth, more professional. Since that, Saigon Paper is also preparing a roadmap for better inherit steps ...

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Recruitment Policy of Saigon Pape


vacancies at Saigon paper

We cordially invite you to apply for opening jobs at SGP from time to time or you can apply to the position you see fit at any time.

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Career Talks

paper career talks

Blogs and sharing stories from CEO, staffs of Saigon Paper Corporation about the ups and downs in paper industry.

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